Heraldik en modern konstform

Heraldik, Heraldry, Coat of Arms, Heraldic Art.

Heraldik en modern konstform

Heraldic Art and Design more than Heraldry

New rendered CoA for swedish family

The Family CoA of The Nobel Family Pauli. 

New CoA for a mens club
Family CoA Ladenstad
New Swedish Family CoA of Ladenstad.

My Rendition of Heraldic Artist Marco Foppoli

My Latest Coat of Arms for A Swedish Family of Lakatos -2016

 This Coat of Arm was finshed today - SVK registration is sent. -2016

The Noble family Gerlach order a new rendering of there Family CoA-2016

A Ballpoint Drawing of My Coat of Arm -2016

A Female armagerie -2016

A Digital Painting I made for A frathernity - 2016
I work as a Proffesional Heraldic Painter and
I use differnet media.
Painting, with oil, guache and watercolour. I always do the design in the computer using special software. The image to the left - is an example of what I can do digitaly
The Image on the top is a Oil painting.
/bo_lundell2.jpg  A Handpainted cuppershield for a Client, this is made specially for a fraternity in Sweden

This Arms is made for a Danish Knight of the Holy Order of St:Sepulcre - 2016
a digital image for print.


A New Swedish Family CoA, made 2016, Digitaly painted and designed by Thomas Falk.

An ExLibris designed for a friend, 2016

A digitaly reproduced CoA of A Swedish Noble Family - 2016

A New CoA for A Swedish Family, Oden Riding on Sleipner and Hugin and Munin sitting on the Sword on the Crest - 2016

A Black and White Drawing, Reproduction of a Swedish Noble Family CoA - 2016

A CoA I made - Pure Digital