Heraldik en modern konstform

Heraldik, Heraldry, Coat of Arms, Heraldic Art.

Heraldik en modern konstform

Heraldic Art and Design more than Heraldry

My Latest Coat of Arms for A Swedish Family of Lakatos -2016

The Noble family Gerlach order a new rendering of there Family CoA-2016


A Female armagerie -2016

I work as a Proffesional Heraldic Painter and
I use differnet media.
Painting, with oil, guache and watercolour. I always do the design in the computer using special software. The image to the left - is an example of what I can do digitaly
The Image on the top is a Oil painting.
/bo_lundell2.jpg  A Handpainted cuppershield for a Client, this is made specially for a fraternity in Sweden

This Arms is made for a Danish Knight of the Holy Order of St:Sepulcre - 2016
a digital image for print.


A New Swedish Family CoA, made 2016, Digitaly painted and designed by Thomas Falk.


An ExLibris designed for a friend, 2016

A digitaly reproduced CoA of A Swedish Noble Family - 2016

A New CoA for A Swedish Family, Oden Riding on Sleipner and Hugin and Munin sitting on the Sword on the Crest - 2016

A Black and White Drawing, Reproduction of a Swedish Noble Family CoA - 2016